Simplex 4251 or 2099?

I just want to know the model so i can get a wiring diagram

It’s either a 2099 or 4099-series manual station: 4251-series stations have a different design (including “S I M P L E X” molded across the bottom). Check the label on the inside for the exact model number.

That thing is addressable, it won’t work without an addressable simplex panel

They will work as long as you remove the Wires coming from the button to the module and use the wires directly from the button.

the pull station you have is a 4099-9001

Theres no label because i got it heavily used

Precisely: as NewAgeServerAlarm once said: “A pull station is basically just a very fancy light switch”

Oh, okay, who knows then I guess. Still, you should be able to use it with a conventional panel by removing the switch’s wires from the addressable module as MrFireAlarm said.

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They are really just glorified light switches