Simplex 4274-2 Coded Pull Station with Simplex 4051

Here’s a video I filmed earlier today of my new Simplex 4274-2 Coded Pull Station. Special thanks to fellow Moderator Retired STR-SG for providing me with a wiring diagram so I could get this hooked up.


The Simplex 4051 was requested by electronicwiz101. Thanks for the suggestion!

From the Description:

The 4274 series coder stations utilize an electrically-driven Simplex 4208-style code wheel, rather than the standard wind-up mechanism. As a result, it is strange considering that 120VAC and 24VDC are mixed in one device. Pretty cool to see it in operation!

I find it really funny that you can actually see the inside of the horn moving! Also that pull is really cool! I saw that ebay listing a few days back. What is the LED and the button for?

I doubt it’s an LED given the age, and it’s actually a reset switch that’s next to it.

electronicwiz101 is correct, it’s actually a small incandescent lamp. It serves as the “trouble light,” and illuminates until the pull station has been reset via the small key switch on the station.

This is necessary because resetting the handle of the pull station does not fully reset the unit. Should the unit be pulled again, the code wheel will not operate unless the device has been reset. The light serves as a visual reminder that the unit is still in the alarm condition.

That is very cool! Great job on setting this up!