Simplex 4606-9101 Annunciator

I recently bought a Simplex 4606-9101 Annunciator that comes in the mail soon and I have a Simplex 4006-9101. Does anyone have a manual, video, or picture of how to wire this Annunciator to a 4006?

The documents linked by the late Brad Corey in this topic should help you.

On your 4006, you will need to attach wires to the +24V and +0V terminals, and the S-BUS + and - terminals.

On your annunciator, wire it as follows:
(left-side is panel wire - right side is annunciator)
+24V to +24V IN
+0V to 24C IN

S-BUS + to N2+ IN or +Comm in
S-BUS - to N2- IN or -Comm in

Take your resistor and put it across N2+ OUT and N2- OUT or +Comm out and -Comm out

The terminals to the right of the “or” apply to the newer-style 4606 annunciators (with the 4100-style buttons that have arrows).

If you want a diagram, please let me know.

Thanks for the help,

the device powers on however after adding the annunciator in the panel programming, setting the baud, and setting the card address, I have an issue. Annunciator reads “COMMUNICATIONS LOST WITH SYSTEM’S MASTER” and the panel reads “Card 4, LCD Failed”. I believe its programming issue but let me know.

The 4006 only accepts annunciator addresses 4 to 7, so make sure your annunciator address is within that range, and also update the address on the 4006. Let me know if that fixes it.

Thanks all who replied,

after troubleshooting the device, it works.