Simplex 4903-9101 Strobe Plates

Hey Everyone!

My second elementary school had Simplex 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9101 strobe plates, but I’m pretty sure they flashed 60 times per minute, not 45. However, the -9101’s I’ve seen flash 45 times per minute. Was there a version that flashed 60 times per minute, or were all of those strobes 45 times per minute and I’m remembering incorrectly? Thanks for your help.

I believe that might be the AC version of that strobe plate if the strobe plate flashed at 60 flashes per minute.

But I would find it weird that they would put a DC horn on an AC strobe plate. I think it would only make sense if they placed the AC version of the 2901-9838 on those strobe plates that flashed at 60fpm. Did the horns at your second elementary school sound like AC horns?

No they were definitely -9838’s.

A lot of the older strobes had listed flash rates that were lower than the actual flash rates. The 4904-9105 was listed as flashing at .5 Hz, but sometimes surpassed 1 Hz. 4903-9219’s were listed at a minimum of 1 Hz, but usually flash much faster.

HOWEVER, the only exception I’ve seen to this is the 4903-9101 and related models. All of them seem to have the same flash rate. Are you sure it wasn’t a 4903-9501 mounted vertically with an unmarked strobe?

It looked just like the -9101. Were there any models that looked like that and flashed 60 FPM? If not, then I’m not remembering it correctly. The strobes definitely looked just like -9101’s. That I definitely remember. The school was built in 1991.