Simplex 4906-9134 TrueAlert Chime/Strobe Test

After about 3 years of not being able to test this thing, I finally got the SmartSync module to do it.

New test video:

Original video:

Nice! It has a longer sustain and wider pitch range than the CH70.

Thanks! Never even noticed that. Don’t you have the 4901-9856 multi-tone horn?

Nice! I have always wanted to hear a Simplex Truealert chime.

I’m surprised yet not surprised that this sounds like a CH70.

I’m surprised that this sounds like a CH70 as I thought it would sound like another “piezo chime” alarm (like the Gentex Commander 3 or EST Genesis Chime), based on the fact this uses a piezo for the chime. At the same time it has a nice sound to it like the CH70 (piezo technology must have improved).

I’m not too surprised this sounds like a CH70 because; let’s face it, in this day in Simplex, when HAVEN’T they made something that sounds like another Wheelock Alarm. The standard TrueAlert sounds like the EHS-DL1, the multi-tone TrueAlert sounds pretty close to the MT, and now we know the chime/strobe sounds pretty close to the CH70.

I’m surprised Wheelock hasn’t said anything yet about this. If they did do something, imagine Simplex having to use Wheelock devices for a period of time (like what happened to Siemens). :shock:

I was going to say the same thing…I’m surprised they were able to make this sound like a CH70 without a speaker sticking out of the back.

The tones are not complex or important enough to be considered intellectual property. Nearly all signaling tones are just simple frequencies with some modulation or attack/release.

Hm, now that I think about it, I guess the tones aren’t too important enough to claim as intellectual property, mainly because they use simple frequencies. I don’t think any company would be able to sue for such a simple thing.

Yeah well, I’m sure that there would be a company that would like to try out there.