Simplex 49CMTV-WWF All Tones Video

Hello guys, finally got around to making a video of my multitone TrueAlert! Check it out!

Great video, but not a fan. It sounds like a Game Boy. And why would they include two almost identical horn tones?

TrueAlert no ES bueno.

Yeah, I knew the 500 hz horn was changed to the standard 520 hz low frequency tone, but I thought the other tones would have been the same as the older multitone TrueAlerts. Those had the regular horn sounding like the original TrueAlert, and the other tones sounding like their Wheelock MT equivalents. This is definitely a step down.

I just wanted to chime in here (haha pun) but what on earth is that chime sound especially? It sounds like a futuristic point sound effect from a video game.

It’s almost the same as the select sound from the Pokémon games.

So is it only the TrueAlert ESs that have multiple terms or did normal TrueAlerts come with the ability to use multiple tones also?

Did they just rip the piezo from the gameboy?