Simplex BG-12

I found something in a building today that made me look twice – gave me a major WTF though.

It’s a BG-12 single action pull station, but it’s branded by Simplex.

[attachment=0]Photo 293.jpeg[/attachment]

No idea where this came from but I couldn’t find a datasheet from Simplex about it…
Then again there are a lot of Simplex alarms that don’t have easily-accessible datasheets.

Remember they now are now apart of Tyco who also owns ADT who installs honeywell products as well. They however like to use the Simplex name on commercial installs. I see a mix of ADT and Simplex vans on “Simplex” jobs at times.

Haha, that’s a first.

Photoshopped? :smiley:

Yes, the Simplex logo definitely does look that way.

Agreed :smiley:

ADT separated from Tyco last year.

That pull station can be a year old (or older).

It’s either that, or a Simplex logo sticker was slapped on by ADT back when ADT was owned by Tyco.

It looks more like a “3D” problem, if I should say.

If you look at it carefully, the Simplex logo doesn’t appear to bend with the slight curve of the pull station.

That is definitely a first for me. I didn’t even know that Simplex did relabel these pulls.