Simplex Company says no

I talked to local Simplex rep. They inform me that everything is proprietary and they will not set Simplex 4010 to factory defaults. All programming must be done by Simplex techs. Then why does my disappointed grandson see all these young people in YouTube setting up their panels? Not to mention what has been to me a considerable expense.

Sorry to hear this! Since the 4010’s programming is done remotely, it is programmed via computer liked via an ethernet cable to the panel. So, ALL modern Simplex is programmed this way. I have no idea how to help you with this, though. And, yes, some of the YouTubers who set up these panels have gotten these panels directly from Simplex. In conclusion, Simplex is not a super good brand if you’re starting out or using any other brand of equipment. If you’re interested in a panel, stay in the Conventional realm. The Fire Alarm Wiki has more info on this. LINK:

The newer 4010ES and any other ES series panel from Simplex (which also includes the 4007ES and the 4100ES) have to be programmed with proprietary software that only Simplex technicians have access to. For the few people on YouTube that do have these panels, they almost always personally know someone who works at Simplex that are willing to program it for them.

However, if you got your son the original version of the 4010 that came out in the early 2000’s, it can be programmed directly from the panel without needing the proprietary software. If this is the case, all you need is the level 4 password to reset the panel to factory default. This forum doesn’t allow default passwords to be shared, but here is the installation/programming manual for the 4010, you can look in there to find the default passwords. If the default level 4 password doesn’t work, it has been changed. Beyond that, I don’t really have anything else I can provide in terms of help.

Typically for a hobby/demo fire alarm system it’s best to start with conventional systems, especially if this is going to be for someone younger. I would suggest a Fire-Lite MS-2 as a first conventional panel, it’s extremely simple to setup, it’s very reliable, and it has several cool features. It was my first panel and after owning it for about a year now, it still has not given me any problems whatsoever.

In terms of addressable/intelligent systems, I’d absolutely stick with Honeywell brands like Fire-Lite, Notifier, Silent Knight, etc. Of those brands, Fire-Lite seems to be the easiest to work with. The main reason to stick with those brands is that their programming software is free to download for anyone to use. I’d tread lightly with brands outside of Honeywell.