Simplex Fire Alarm Panel 4001 Key

I’m looking for the key for the annunciator reset/silence on a Simplex Fire Alarm Panel 4001. The panel is 20-30 years old. Does anyone know where I could find one or know how to replace it?


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Make sure you have read the rules, but to answer your question, the key you are looking for can be found at BeachsLock for a reasonable price. I assume you’re looking for the key to unlock the panel and pulls, right? The first key on the list, “Simplex B” should be the one you’re looking for.

The mods will probably agree that this is a good site to get keys from; I’ve bought my B key from them and had no issue.

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I hope it’s for a demo system because if your looking for one for school BAD IDEA! You should never falsely pull a alarm.


In my school if someone gets hurt from it’s triple O_O

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the “B Key” is not the key for the annunciator.


Perhaps the “A” key is what you’re looking for then? They have that key, too.

Do you know what the model number is on the annunciator?

Just an educated guess, but most Simplex annunciators used these Arrow-Hart & Hegeman rotary key switches.

Like what Retired STR-SG said, try looking for the key on eBay. This is the similar key a Simplex key switch uses like the picture below shows. Try looking for your key on eBay, which you most likely would find it.

Are me and lilrags the only ones concerned that danielsking might use the key for bad purposes?

Yes, because it is extremely unlikely that he would go through all the trouble to learn about the system and locate the keys in order to cause trouble. Almost all fire alarm enthusiasts have purchased fire alarm keys at some point. Do we use the for malicious purposes? No.

Unlikely but there’s still a chance. There are kids these days who would go to any trouble to cause havoc with the fire alarm system. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naaaa Its ok 8)