Simplex Fire Alarm Panels and Annunciators

Below are some pictures of some Simplex panels and annunciators in my collection.

Simplex 4005 with 4602-9101 and 4602-9101 annunciators.

Simplex 4010 with 4606-9101 annunciator.

Simplex 4006 with 4606-9101 and 4610-9111 annunciators.

Simplex 4008 with 4606-9101 and 4610-9111 annunciators.

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Man, you’ve got all the good Simplex panels don’t you? (heck I think you’re not only the first enthusiast with those specific 4 but also the first with both a 4006 & a 4008 at the same time!)

I always wish I kept my 4010

It wasn’t cheap, but I grab good deals if I see them. And yes, I do find Simplex panels fun to work with, but I have favorites in other brands too.

It’s a great panel, although I prefer conventionals.