Simplex IDnet trouble code,,what does that mean?

I have two simplex panels,both showing ID net card failure or IDnet channel failure,what does that mean

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What kind of panels are you talking about? These are the panels that support IDNET:





4100 (retrofitted)



When Simplex says IDNet Card Failure it means that the SLC loop card has failed and cannot communicate with the devices on the loop.

9 out of 10 times, you have a short across your IDNET.

if you had a short you would also have a trouble for idnet short. you either have bad equipment or the ident loop is not connected. pop a head off a smoke and see if he panel goes in to trouble, you should also check for voltage at the device it should be around 28-30 vdc. You cannot look up devices to check to see if they are in a normal, if the panel has an idnet failure all devices will show normal, doesnt make sense, i know. Additionally you should check the polarity and make sure its correct. You could also force a class A trouble by removing the the jumper wires between b+ b- and a+ a- on the idnet or moving the class A jumper back to B, if you get no trouble the idnet is dead and you need to replace parts.

Disconnect the IDNet field wiring from the panel. Connect one known good device to the panel (new in box preferred). Set that device address to one known to be programmed in the panel. Try to match the device you connect to an address that is programmed for that device type, i.e. if connecting a pull station set it to a pull station address.

If the panel IDNet channel is working that one device should come up as normal and all others should show they are missing. If that one device does not function and you still have channel failed then the panel has a problem.

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4100 panel have a trouble IDnet class A abnormal what is the issue how to clear trouble