Simplex introduces new panel!

It appears they have advanced the 4100U to the next level. They only have a press release on their website at this moment, no data sheets or product pages, not even a picture.



Of course because the people in charge of Simplex’s website at the speed of molasses on ice it will be a while before we see what this panel is capable of and what it looks like.


Yeah, I’m really curious as to what it looks like and what it will do.

It will sound the fire alarms when a fire is detected :lol:

Well… It better do so.

Here’s a video I found on Simplex’s site showcasing what was new at the expo. Unfortunately the sound doesn’t work (at least it doesn’t for me), but from what I can see, it looks just like a 4100U InfoAlarm panel except with a slightly different style door and instead of “4100U” it says “4100ES” on the panel.

Here are some pictures for those that can’t view WMV’s:

Looks pretty neat! Wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those pop up somewhere on Bridgewater State University in the near future.

It does appear to be a somewhat modified 4100U, somewhat like how the 4100U was like a more advanced 4100 or 4120.

Seems as though it has been shelved for the time being. No other info is online yet other than that video. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one in person before they put more info online. Wonder what the hold up is? Economy? UL problems? Maybe they actually are making it now. Who knows. It has been more than 6 months now since their announcement.


The same thing happened when Wheelock announced the Exceder series. UL approval probably takes a good long time, plus manufacturing, compatibility testing, employee training, updating all literature, etc. Seems as though that should all happen BEFORE the panel is announced. Or, they could just be taking their time in getting the website updated and maybe they’re already shipping them out.

Someone must have heard you! ALL of the 4100U datasheets have been updated to show the 4100ES, although the main website still has the 4100U stuff. Seems like the 4100U name has been dropped entirely.

NOTE: the datasheets do not say “Revised”, but if you click on them, they are indeed updated.

Looks like the 4100ES voice-evac system will still use the same classic default voice message as the 4100, 4120 and 4100U panels. It also appears all the alert tones will be carried over as well (I wouldn’t be surprised if the 4100ES also used the same updated Slow Whoop and Chime tones the 4100U had.)

There is in fact 2 ‘new’ headers in the datasheet section now. Here is the main one:

it is an overall description of the system.


And it’s finally online:

Wow, 696 panel network capacity…