Simplex Light Plate Question

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As some of you may or may not know, a while back, I got a very rare light plate - the Simplex 4903 light plate (it came with a 2901-9838 horn).


It is believed that the model number for that light plate is a 4903-9001, however, when I looked at the label after taking the horn and backbox off of it, that, apparently isn’t the case.


As you can see, a checkmark has been placed next to the box where it says “4903-9102”.

If that’s a 4903-9102, then how is it different from the 4903-9001 light plate?

Yours may actually be mislabeled, simplex uses the 910x suffix for strobes and the 900x suffix for lights.

If anyone has a catalog sheet to confirm this, please post it!

Interesting. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the 4903-9102 is a light rated for 24VAC.

This service bulletin mentions -9101’s and -9151’s as strobes (or “flashers” as Simplex used to call them), but does not mention the -9102:

Could this be more evidence that Simplex really has no organization of its products?

This product is clearly 24VDC.

Actually, here’s the datasheet:

As you can see, it does list a -9102 as a 24vdc incandescent plate. I’m not sure what the difference is between them, though.

they had simplex 2903-9102s, so 4903-9102s may exist. but if you do, simplex 4903-9102s may be very rare. iv never seen one before i read your post

I have that light plate my YouTube is emilliomelendez they also had them at my elementary school

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