Simplex PA System Identification Question

My school, renovated in 2001, used to have a Simplex PA system. I have been trying to find information about it, and was wondering if you guys could identify the system based on the following characteristics (as I do not have any recordings):

  • The bell was an A (440hz) lasting for 5 seconds.
  • The all-call tone was a single chime (might have been an E)
  • The room call tone was two chimes in quick succession (like a doorbell).

    I would get recordings, but it has since been replaced by a Valcom system with similar tones. Does anyone know what system this could be?

The Simplex school intercom system was the 5120 series. It was private label manufactured for Simplex by Valcom. When it first came out Simplex had an exclusive on the equipment. Valcom could not sell it themselves or to other distributors for something like 10 years or more.

Here is the link to the Simplex 5120 datasheet on the Valcom web site.

Thank you, Retired STR-SG!

My school has this tied into the Dukane system.