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#1. The 4020 is the small panel version of the 4100. The 4100+ was capable of 1,000 hardware points, the 4020 was limited to 528 hardware points. 4100s could have up to 10 Mapnet channels, the 4020 was limited to 4 Mapnet channels. 4100+ has internal one or two channel audio, the 4020 was limited to the adjunct 4009 external audio system. 4100+ systems could have Miniplex remote transponders for larger building applications. The 4020 could not have transponders.

#2. The original 4100 (also called 4100 Classic) was released as a replacement for the hardwired 2001 system. The 4100 Classic was first limited to 512 hardware points. Software improvements later expanded that to 750 hardware points. As the software progressed audio, Mapnet, and other enhancements were added. The 4100 Classic had a master controller board that was the system CPU, 8 hardwired zones, 2 signal circuits, 2 aux relays, a 64/64 LED/switch controller, and the city output. It also directly monitored the system power supply.

The 4100+ had a redesigned master controller board with a faster CPU chip. The zones, signal circuits, relays, and LED/switch controller were removed from the master controller. Only the city output was retained. The faster CPU allowed systems up to 1,000 hardware points. The power supply became a separate unit with a system card address. As software evolved networking was added to replace 2120 systems along with other later enhancements.

The 4100+ was replaced with the 4100U and then the 4100ES. Through the evolution of the 4100 all improved panels are backwards compatible. When the 4100+ came out there was an upgrade kit for a 4100 Classic. There were 4100U upgrade kits for 4100 Classic and 4100+. The current 4100ES has upgrade kits for all previous 4100 panels. Every improved panel master controller could use all existing installed system hardware boards and field devices. The 4100U/ES has a board available to communicate with 2120 transponders to replace the head end BMUX. There is also an upgrade kit for 4020 systems.

#3. The 4006 is a hardwired IDC panel. The 4008 has an IDNet channel for addressable devices.

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I couldn’t find any documentation on when the original 4100 was released. When was it? My old middle school has a 4100 classic (Built in '96) and my High School has a 4020. (Built in '70 with 2903s not sure what panel it had back then) When were these released?

The first version of the 4100 system was released in 1988. The school built in 1996 could have had an early version or later version 4100+ The first ones were released beginning in 1992 with the older display (no PRI2 LED) and the first version switching power supply. Externally they looked identical to the 4100 Classic. The version with Priority 2 features began in 1994. Given construction time and order lead times either version could have been installed.

I doubt a building built in 1996 had a 4100 Classic installed which was phased out when the 4100+ was released. However, some orders for the original version 4100 had to be filled with that product if the model number was in the construction specifications and the substitute model number would not be accepted by the architect and engineer.

The 4020 was also released in 1992 at the same time as the early version 4100+. They shared the system software version released at that time. There was an early version 4020 and a revised version 4020. The early version used a switching power supply similar to the early 4100+. It was in a black cage and was nicknamed the Blackhawk power supply. Both the 4020 and 4100+ were revised to use the Universal Power Supply which was nicknamed the Goldwing because of the gold color heat sink fins on the sides.

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The 4006 is a IDC panel the 4008 is addressable

How many zones are on the 4020? I’m thinking about getting one for my house.

You would have to buy a zone card. The 4020 is primarily addressable. Also you would not be able to program it without the DOS based programming software and a license key or dongle.