Simplex question

Is the 49av series multitone? Some people have said that it is, and it has the tone dip switches. However, I’ve only heard it on the standard tone, and what would the 49mtv series be for? Maybe @MRIDNETGUY2004 would be able to answer this question.

From what I’m reading on the 49av spec sheet. It does not have multi-tone options

I believe some 49AV-series devices are multi-tone, not sure which exactly though. Most 49AV-series devices are part of the TrueAlertES-series however, which is addressable.

These are some of the options for the TruealertES models

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I’m assuming “system default” lets you pick the tone/candela at the device.

The setting for that would be “HARDWARE”, system default would be the default setting across all IDNAC cards in the fire panel.

Indoor available candela options:

-System Default. Sets the candela value to the one selected in the System Option tab.
-Hardware. Selecting this option will set the appliance to the setting indicated on the appliance’s configuration switch or jumper.

Wow, the Complexity of Simplex 4100x Systems and Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems in general amazes me.


This is the tip of the iceberg, there is a ridiculous amount of flexibility with the 4100ES software. I can do pretty much anything through options and equations.

Here is a programming manual that can be found on google.

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I have read the 49AV data sheet and I don’t think it is

Yeah, I saw that but @ohlongjohnson explained the basically endless flexibility.

i have a simplex 4906-9130 and idk if its multi candela

It’s both multi-candela & SmartSync (the latter according to the Simplex Model Number Checker): it can be set to 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela.

ah yes but i dont understand why it says “multi candela horn” when it would make more sense if it said “multi candela horn strobe” or “multi candela strobe”

Where does it say that? I had a look at the 4906-9130’s labels & it doesn’t seem to say that anywhere on either of them.