Simplex SmartSync strobe and horn activation from SmartSync capable panels

Does anyone on here know why in Simplex panels that support the point type “SQALERT” (2 wire horn/Strobe smartsync point type) why does the System Power Supply board (4100U/4100ES) and the SFIO board (4010) and the main system slave board (4010ES) acivate the strobes first then the horn on the 4903 SmartSync series and 4906 series? Because seems like if I do a system test for maya change in the system to make sure it functions correctly it seems if when you do it every week it makes the strobes go first about 3 times and and a max of 4 before the horn sounds this happens with the 4100Us SPS another thing is I had a courrpt memoriory in the panel (its now fixed). Just had to power it down for some reason apon system start up when you first apply ac power the SPS’s capaciators have to make that big buzz/or bang in order to make the strobes go first apon ativation. Why would the capaciators have anything to do with if the strobes go first on the NAC? I’ve always wondered that also my Simplex 4010 it seems when I did changes and overwrited some point goes it seems that the strobes first action didn’t happen then when I restored it to factory default settings and went into programming once and made no revisions to anything now the strobes go first it seems you lose that effect if you: 1. Completely power it down 2. You press the warm start button? Why is these actions even relevant to the strobes going first? Any info would be nice. It’s baffled me since once own my 1st 4100U 3 bay begie panel with glass door then I wondered even more when I got my 2nd 4100U 2 bay beige with glass door then I had to find out why when my 4010 had “impossible” thinking of why those factors have anything to do with the strobes first effect. Now my addressable notification circuits via TPS in the 4100U act the same way every time. Why would that not have the strobes go first? I bet this is definitely something everyone who’s owned a panel that’s capable of SmartSync point type SQALERT has wondered. I guess this is everyone’s brain teaser of the day! :joy: