Simplex Tape Player Find

Hi everyone! I’m new here and am excited to learn so much here! I have been visiting this website for years and now I am a member!

Now getting back on topic, on Ebay I found this rare gem: A tape player for simplex 2001/2120 systems. I probably wont be able to buy it, but I am just pointing it out for anyone who is interested.

(It is under the name communication unit 556-could not figure out how to get a link in.)


It is the digital replacement for the mechanical tape player. It comes with the standard message card. I found it using the search “Simplex message player.”

You need to type In “Communication Unit 556” on Ebay. There you will find it. (The listing does not mention it is a Simplex Product.)

Looks like there is a choice of the tape player or the digital version. The search “COMMUNICATION UNIT 556-256B” will lead to the tape unit. The tape player unit is priced much lower than the digital type.

This is a really nice find that you are showing us! Great job on this!

Thank you!

Another 2001/2120 digital voice message player has appeared on Ebay. It is mistakenly listed as for a 4003. The following search will find it.

Simplex 4003 Voice Command Evacuation Notification MSG PLYR 635-587 RARE

Interesting; you sure it’s not a variation of the Simplex 4003 that was designed to replace the 2001/2120 tape player module?

Yes, I am sure. 2001 audio as a standalone system was discontinued when the 4100 audio system was released for sale in 1989. In 1991 the universal transponder for 2120 was released for sale. The UT VCC contained the audio components and replaced the 2120 SCC. The 4003 was released several years after that to add audio to smaller systems. I don’t have the exact date but the 4100/4020 software that added the 4003 as an RUI device came out on 5/3/94.