Simplex Timeline

Simplex has added a history section to their website with a timeline of product introductions. There are actually a few mistakes which makes me think they grabbed some of the info from Wikipedia before it was corrected. Looks like they used wiley209’s picture of a 4247!

Cool, But is that a real SimplexGrinnel Site??

It’s the ONLY Simplex site. The SimplexGrinnell site doesn’t have any fire alarm stuff on it anymore.

I thought it was a “fake” site.

Very interesting… and yep, that’s my 4247 pic, taken at my high school!

Here’s my attempt at such a timeline of sorts, showing Simplex alarm devices through the decades with stuff from my alarm collection…

The claim that the Simplex 2001 is the first solid-state panel is an outright lie. Besides the obvious ones such as NAC drivers, there’s many relays inside the 2001 that do different things as part of the logic circuits. Although… there aren’t as many as the older panels…but there’s still a lot. I will give it credit for being one of the first panels to have more semiconductor logic gates than relays. (Fun fact: The same year the 2001 came out, Notifier came out with the CMS-1000, the first panel to use a microcontroller)

We should blackmail them… maybe they’ll ship us free stuff! :lol:

I agree! lol xD