Simplex timeline

Tell me if this seems right or if I’m missing something. I tried to put them in order by year.

Simplex 4030

Simplex 4037

Simplex 4040

Simplex 4041

Simplex 4048

Simplex 4050

Simplex 4051

Simplex 9833

Simplex 9806

Simplex 9838

Simplex 9219

Simplex 9422

Simplex 9252

Simplex TrueAlert

Looks about right. I think the 9806 came before the 9833 though. There was always overlap between the Faraday and Federal Signal notification appliances, so they would’ve been in Simplex’s product line at roughly the same time.

What was the purpose of having similar horns (the -9806 and the -9833) from two different companies anyway?

I put the 9806 after the 9833 because I saw 9806s on 4904 plates as well as 9838s on 4904 plates (online of course) so I thought they would be closer than the 9806 and the 9833.

I think I remember seeing that Simplex sold the 2901-9806 from the late 70’s up to the mid-90’s when they stopped using Federal Signal products. Meanwhile, the 2901-9833 was discontinued and replaced by the 9838 around 1985 or so.