Simplex TrueAlert ES ceiling-mount

Simplex has recently released ceiling-mount TrueAlert ES horns, strobes, and horn/strobes.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … C-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT> - Horn/strobes

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … C-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT> - Horns

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … C-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT> - Strobes

The strobe-only kinda reminds me of a ceiling-mount Wheelock RSS.

Kind of disappointing how the horn/strobes look just like the speaker/strobes.

Edit: They’re smaller. I guess they’re not too bad.

… Or are they?

This isn’t the first time Simplex has done this. Remember the 4903’s?

Well I mean those were all wall mount and even then Simplex had a different looking model for ceiling applications…I agree…it does look kind of disappointing. Not to mention the design is still rather…well…interesting to say the least. I liked the 4906 series ceiling devices much better.

System Sensor’s first line of speaker/strobes (forgot their name) were also aesthetically identical to their MultiAlert (aka MASS) line of horn/strobes. The SpectrAlert Advance and L-Series lines of speaker/strobes also look rather similar to their horn/strobe counterparts. The only ones that were different were the SpectrAlert Classic speaker/strobes, which instead resembled the chime/strobes.

And for what is worth, the original Wheelock ET-1010-WS somewhat resembled the Wheelock 7002T.

Yeah but those at least had some difference in style. And in the case of the early 4903 series, at least the design was ambiguous enough that it didn’t imply one or the other.

These look like speaker/strobes. In that way, they remind me of the ceiling mount Siemens U-HN’s. Imagine the surprise when, expecting a speaker, you get a loud horn instead.

If they want to make all horn and speaker/strobes look alike, at least make the design ambiguous enough

Not really a big fan of them design wise especially with horn/strobe since it just looks like a speaker with a remote strobe welded on. Not very pleasing to view like at all.

Simplex devices got ugly really fast. I was never a fan, except for the traditional wall mount truealaerts.

Also note that you can get the horn/strobes and remote strobes in black, in addition to the black speaker strobes. It doesn’t look like that’s the case for the remote horn though.

My reaction? Eh, it’s not the worst design by far. I wish they made the grille differ by making it look like the regular wall mount horn grille. That could lessen some confusion.

They also make Brown and Black TrueAlarm detectors too for their systems now; apparently so they can ‘blend in more’ so devices don’t need to be painted, which is a no-no unless you are Disney, of course.

The thing is with the black NA’s, where’s the ‘FIRE’ lettering on them? The other colors have them…otherwise I think they wouldn’t be allowed.

Fire alarms don’t necessarily need to say fire (under certain jurisdictions) given mass notification systems are becoming more popular. Also, it’d be hard to see a word that small 10’ above you.

its not like people would do anything anyway. 90% of people always assume any type of alarm is false. they just think an alarm is an alarm

Come to think of it, these alarms remind me a lot of the really old Wheelock ES horns. As in, they have a speaker grille, but it’s a TrueAlert sounding tone.

And yes, the remote strobe looks like the Wheelock RSS if it was made by simplex. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s interesting that they are going back to the original strobe design of the old 4903s, rather than having a more modern looking strobe.