simplex truealert help

my 4903-9417 wont work with my est 2400. is it compatible with my 2400 or does it need a smart sync module?

That TrueAlert is SmartSync, which is why it isn’t working.

According to NewAgeServer’s Simplex Model Number Tester, you need a SmartSync module.
A simple Google search would have yielded this page which, when you use your browser’s “Find” feature, says that the alarm is 2-wire SmartSync.
Also, watch NewAgeServer’s Fire Alarm Buyer’s Guide. It has a lot of info that is essential if you didn’t know it.

maybe thats why it sounds like crap on my 16 volt transformer and dosent sound on my 2400. but does it work on a wheelock scm module. i have one.

No. You will need a Simplex Smart Sync Module. Wheelock and Simplex are two TOTALLY different brands with different protocols.

Actully, MiniMan0404, your wrong. Here is a vid showing that it works.