Simplex vintage light plate

hi everyone! New to the forums but looking for a simplex 4050 series light plate. Willing to pay for it and as well as shipping or even a trade I’ve got a mix of new and old stuff I might have something you’d want just ask I’ve got a lot of inventory! Here’s a picture of any of the models I’m looking for. Check out my YouTube channel some time. Mrtruealert I have many simplex laptop based panels and a stunning and mesmerizing system. Give it a like or leave a comment! Couldn’t get the photos to load but here are any of the model numbers I’m looking for.

4050 80

4050 81

4050 82

4050 83

4050 84

4050 85

Also even the light plate shell with only the lens and brushed aluminum plate I don’t mind putting my own light bulb in it!

Off-topic, but aren’t you the guy who loaded up his basement (or a room in your house) with all Simplex alarms? I wanna see that again.

Hate to break it to ya, but those 4050-80 light plates with a 4050 or 4051 are extremely hard to find nowadays because when they get removed from buildings, they are almost always thrown out and collectors never really get an opportunity to save them. However, keep trying and always check eBay for new listings. Unfortunately, even if you do find them, prices will most likely be high because of their rarity and value. Don’t give up though. :wink:

Yes that indeed is me! With the 4100ES InfoAlarm and the 2 4100U panels and loads of truealerts!

I’ll have a video up here on YouTube this week!

Lots of changes too and it’s more stunning than ever before!

Still have the 4100Us up and 4100ES just have some added devices and panels. Stay tuned!

I thought Simplex took all of your panels away?

I believe those are just rumors.

Can anyone tell me more about the 4050 light plates and if you have any what’s your personal opinion of them?

That is correct. He confirmed on his YouTube a little while ago that he is not in trouble.

He’s right. That’s what happened at the school I went to for kindergarten; their old Simplex system was failing and they junked the old 4051+4050-80 horn/lights in favor of boring SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes (new system is either Fire-Lite or Notifier.) I was unable to save anything as I found out about the upgrade too late, and my busy work schedule of the time and the rough winter conditions prevented me from being able to check on the school during the breaks that year. I’ve been searching on eBay for quite some time now for the exact type of 4050-80 that school had, but so far no luck.

But a couple years ago I DID get to salvage some 4051+4050-80s out of the dumpster of another elementary school that was upgrading during the spring break…

These were the old-style version that had the horn completely recessed into the light plate; a bit different from what my school had. For some odd reason, despite the horns being Simplex 4051s, the light plates were apparently 120 VAC, but maybe it was just because of the bulbs used in them (I think on these early versions, the polarity depends on the type of light bulb installed in the socket.) The school also went with an unusual replacement for these: Wheelock AH-24WP-R horns on RSSP strobe plates!
And for those wondering or don’t already know, I kept two and sold the rest to other alarm collectors (I kept one blank-lens and one white-“FIRE”-lens plate.) If only you were looking for a 4050-80 two years ago; I definitely would’ve sold one to you!

To this day, I have never seen a 4050-80 with white lettering.

Pretty ironic, considering your username

To be fair, I only ever saw 4051s with 4050-80s in person 4 times. Once was at my middle school, once was at the feeder high school I would have went to had I not gotten into my career and technical education high school, once was at the college campus I attend and once was at one of the campuses of the psychiatric hospital I went to when I was younger.

Only the 4051s+4050-80s at my middle school remain. Both the feeder high school I would have went to and the college campus had their systems replaced with SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes. The campus of the psychiatric hospital replaced them with AS’s, SpectrAlert Classics and MT’s with some of the AS’s mounted on the 4050-80 plates. Only my middle school and the feeder high school had the lenses that said “FIRE” on them but with black lettering.