Simplex's new TrueAlert ES Speaker and Speaker/Strobe has a new design.

Checked up on Simplex’s Data Sheet index <LINK_TEXT text=“ … repubs.htm”>Fire Detection Product Publications</LINK_TEXT> and saw that they released the whole 59 series and new ES speakers(both wall and ceiling mount) to the US now. When I went to look at the speakers, they had a ENTIRELY different design that had the wall mount had a look similar to the Wheelock E50. First thing off with the wall mount, the strobe is no longer at the bottom like all of the other TrueAlerts, but is at the top instead. Also, it no longer has a grille to it but has the normal speaker look with the mini holes. With the ceiling mount, it also has the normal speaker look but the strobe is no longer directly on the speaker, but is below it.

The ceiling version of the speaker/strobe does look a little odd with the strobe to the side of the circular speaker. You would have thought they would have placed it in the middle, similar to their non-ES ceiling speaker/strobes (I guess we can say “True-Alert Classic” now? :lol: ). Interesting design, though. As for the wall mount Speaker/Strobes, it’s interesting to see that the the strobe is now at the top, not the bottom like typical True-Alert devices. Definitely seems like an E-50 clone, though.

Interestingly enough, even the remote speakers (wall and ceiling mount) are addressable. If you look closely on this particular data sheet, you may notice a set of terminals for the speaker, and a set for the “NAC.” On the “overview” sheet, it states the panel decides which speakers are needed, and which ones are not. Wonder if that’s where that signal comes in. I have the two links to the data sheets below:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … W-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … C-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT>

*SOMEWHAT OFF TOPIC: Some time last year, it looks like Simplex has unveiled a 520Hz option as well, for both addressable AND non-addressable solutions. If you notice in the data sheet, they carried over the new model numbering system to those non-addressable devices. The new system seems to be a lot simpler (no pun intended), and easier to refer to a model number of a device, not just a long number in the past. It’s a pretty neat change, if you ask me. I wonder if they will eventually migrate all their devices (non-ES, initiating, etc) to this new model numbering system.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … V-0001.PDF”></LINK_TEXT>

It’s just the collector/enthusiast in me, but I wish they had the HS units with free-run options also. That way a collector/enthusiast could power it up w/o a SmartSync module/panel. But I’m glad Simplex found a way to integrate 520Hz in what seems to be the same or slightly larger footprint as the normal TrueAlert, unlike Wheelock/EST/Gentex who are using 4" speakers.

Honestly, I think the new ceiling-mount speaker-strobe looks ugly as all get out. Even the “classic” model looks pretty ugly in my opinion. Why can’t Simplex just design a low-profile strobe?

I was wondering that. The wall unit has a low-profile strobe, but the ceiling unit can’t? And why is there no ceiling-mount horn or remote strobe?

A funny thing that I noticed is that on the Spotlight video for the 59 series by Tyco is that they are calling it by the older part number system referring it to “5900 series”. Also, it shows that a hotel already has the new alarms installed in it, what hotel is that?

They did show any of them actually going off :/. Just animations.

In the video, the narrator mentioned that the new NFPA 72 guidelines require that the pulse width for a strobe not exceed 20 milliseconds. That’s great, because I hate the long flash duration on the current LED strobes.