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Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but it seems SimplexTech’s fire alarm videos are the most popular fire alarm-related ones on YouTube. I thought maybe this would be an interesting way to comment on them instead of just mixing them in the “Alarm Vids” threads (any new videos he uploads can go in that thread though.) He’s disabled comments on many of them though, but here is what he has uploaded…

Simplex 2001 system from cira 1979-1980 with Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates in fast March Time; pulls are 4251-30s with the break glass mechanism removed. There were actually two videos made of this system; this is the first. Note he says they are 12-volt 4050s, but they sound a lot more like 24-VDC 4051s to me (the last one sounds a lot like one of my 4051s!) According to him, this system was removed in 2007 in favor of a newer Simplex system (he says it was either a 4005 or a 4010.)

Audio-only of a Simplex 4002 system with 4903-9219 horn/strobes in Fast March Time.

Simplex 4903-9425 TrueAlert horn/strobe going off in a grocery store with a badly-synced strobe.

School fire drill with a Simplex 4100 system; the signals are 4901-9805 electromechanical horns on 4903-9105 strobe plates on Fast March Time. This is without a doubt SimplexTech’s most viewed video. Part 1 or 2.

Part 2 of 2; a continuation of the fire drill from the past video.

Audio-only of a Simplex 2001 system with 2901-9838 horns in Fast March Time (according to SimplexTech, he says they were on 2903 light plates.)

Here’s a REALLY loud one. A Simplex 4002 and 4010 system tied in together. The alarms are a mix of electromechanical 4903 horn/strobes on Continuous, and TrueAlert horn/strobes on Code-3. Pulls on the 4002 system are 2099-9754 T-bars, and the 4010 system has a 4606-9101 annunciator as well.

Simplex 4002 system from cira 1991 with 2901-9838 horns on 2903 light plates set on Fast March Time. The 4002’s piezo can be heard at the beginning.

Simplex 4020 system with electronic 4903 horn/strobes and at least one TrueAlert in Code-3. Pulls are Simplex 2099-9795 T-bars.

Simplex 2001 system with 4050 horns on 2903 light plates on 2001-style March Time, and 4251-20 pulls.

Simplex 2001 (AC) and 4020 system tied in together. At the beginning there are two AC versions of the Simplex 2901-9833 that don’t sound right. Starting around 0:18, what sounds like 4030-2 horns can be heard but not seen. Around 0:43, a 4050 is seen going off (no visual signals.) Around 1:10, TrueAlert horn/strobes can be heard. The old alarms are on 90bpm March Time, the TrueAlerts are on 60bpm.

The same Simplex 2001 system from the first video (the one with 4051+4050-80s), has a better shot of the panel itself. The system accidentally trips a security siren. At the end after the alarms are turned off, you can hear the security siren continue.

Simplex 4010 system with TrueAlert horn/strobes, 4099-9001 T-bar pulls and a 4606-9101 LCD annunciator.

A duct TrueAlarm smoke detector being tested, presumably from the same 4010 system as above.

An ancient IBM 4201-4 fire alarm system from 1955! This is the first of two videos showing the system; this one shows the panel. Alarms are 8-inch single-stroke bells, and the pulls are all Simplex 4251-20s (obviously replacing older IBM stations.) According to SimplexTech, there was also a 4004 system for a modular building. This was all replaced in 2008 with a new Simplex 4100U voice-evacuation system.

A Simplex 4005 system replacing a 2001 panel from the mid-1980s. The alarms are 2901-9833 horns on 2903 light plates in fast March Time, and the pulls are 4251-20s. According to SimplexTech, the dead horn at the end was replaced with a spare 2901-9838 horn he had.

Another video of the old IBM 4201-4 system, this time showing a pull activated and one of the bells ringing.

Simplex 4100U voice-evacuation system. It does Code-3 tone and an altered version of the default male evacuation message. Pulls are 4099-9001s, and a 4603-9101 LCD annunciator can be seen (though not seen, SimplexTech says that the alarms are TrueAlert speaker/strobes.)

Another school fire drill, this time featuring a Simplex 4005 system replacing a 2001 panel from 1979. The alarms are 4051 horns (no visual signals) on fast March Time, and the pulls are 4251-20s. According to SimplexTech, this was replaced in the summer of 2008 with “garbage labeled ‘Notifier.’”

Simplex 4020+4003 voice-evacuation system with 4903 speaker/strobes and break-glass pulls. The system does Code-3 tone and the default 4003 message.

Not a Simplex system, but a test of a severe weather warning system with Federal Signal Selectone horns doing Slow Whoop for a tornado alert.

2-parter of a Simplex 4005 system replacing a 4002 (and possibly a 2001 before that), the alarms are mostly 2901-9833 horns with no visual signals, but there is an electromechanical 4903 horn/strobe seen near the end of the video, all on fast March Time. Pulls are mostly 4251-20s, but near the end a 2099-9756 pull and a 4602-style annunciator can be seen.

Simplex 4100 system with a mix of electromechanical and electronic 4903 horn/strobes on Code-3.

Simplex 2001 system with what sound like 2901-9833 horns (no visual signals) on Fast March Time (2001-style), and the pulls are 4251-20s.

I know he had another vid of the system in YouTube where it was a previous test of this system.

Bad link… not sure why the first got cut off…

The horns sould like 4030s, but they are really 2901-9517. 6VAC horns. Look like 2901-9833.

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