sm-120x and sk-4?

We had a new furnace put in today, and the installers also wired a 4-wire smoke/co combo detector. I can’t recall the exact model off-hand, but it’s a Kidde. The manual lists that you can get a relay for it… the sm-120x.

Sometime during this spring or summer, I’m planning on getting and installing a fire alarm system using an sk-4. Doing some research and manual reading, this is what I found so far:

  • The sm-120x manual states that it’s not recommended to connect into a panel with multiple-alarms, since the detector itself is non-latching. My question is this. That would be the only non-latching detctor in that zone. Am I correct in interpreting this as more of an advisory against hooking it into a panel with multiple non-latching detectors, as opposed to it being a concern about harming the module/panel?

  • The detector itself gets its power from the breaker. Town code where I am states that rooms with a boiler must have a hardwired detector straight into the breaker. The relay module would also be on this circuit.

  • The detector has one communicator wire, which would go into the relay module. The relay module would go into the zone with the pull stations/i3 detectors.

  • Power supply has to be 120V for the detector and relay. So running it off of panel power is out of the question.

My questions:

  • Are there any alternative relays that would work for this that you guys would recommend over the sm-120x?
  • If I replace that with an i3 detector and get a dedicated CO detector… would hard-wiring the panel into its own circuit and running the detector off of panel power satisfy the town code requirement?

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^ Manuals I looked through

Apparently can’t edit posts, but I wrote that at 5AM this morning and forgot to include the “disclaimer” - so sorry for the double post.

Wiring the detector relay would be the only “life-safety” aspect of the system. Everything else, despite it running through the entire house, would be hobbyist, and installed either alongside battery smoke detectors, or using brand new detectors straight from a distributor/the manufacturer. Also, the CO alarm has a built-in battery backup and again, is wired stand-alone into the circuit breaker. The relay would be what connects to the system. In the event of a relay failure/system failure, the detector itself would still work and go off. The main reason I’d want to wire it in would be so that we can hear a horn going off upstairs should it go off.

The more I think about this though, the more I’m thinking might just say screw it and replace it with an i3 smoke, and get a dedicated CO detector in a separate location further away from the furnace than the one that they installed is in order to satisfy the hard-wired CO Detector town requirement. I don’t like that the detector doesn’t display PPM on it, and that its threshold for even going off/activating is relatively high. And just to clarify, the requirement is explicit to CO Detectors. There’s no codes for requiring smoke detectors being hardwired in a house in my town.

Anyone got any ideas on this? I keep going back and forth on what I want to do with it, as far as just replacing the detector completely. irregardless, I’m gonna get one with a PPM counter on it, but I don’t know if I want to go all out and replace this one just yet.