Small fire at my school

There was a small fire that happened over break at my school in Penn State’s Union Building on campus. Primarily due to construction. They were doing some metal cutting for a new addition and renovation of the building foam insulated board caught on fire. It was relatively small, and produced more smoke than anything that needed cleaned up. Enough of my rambling, here’s the video:

Alarms can be seen and heard at 0:16. I mainly posted this video because of the unusual coding option. I was guessing that it was set to continuous. Anyways it’s a Cerberus Pyrotronics/Siemens system (like 95% of the campus).

A similar incident happened at my high school 18 years ago. However, it was on a wing that was under construction. Basically, since this major renovation, the building has been a large trapezoid, and during the construction only the front part was in use. The fire was on roofing material on the opposite side of the building, far away from any non-construction personnel and a mere metal frame at the time.

That coding option seems to be a 30BPM pulse/slow march, which seems to be one of the common codings before temporal was standard.

Yeah! It’s a good thing because continuous would probably be torturous with those alarms.

A majority of the buildings on campus have U-MMT’s or Siemens rebranded ZNS’s set to code-3. They seem to have made Cerberus Pyrotronics and more specifically, Siemens, standard in present and future buildings (I’ve seen both names on the annunciator panels depending on the building). I’m sure it’s good for networking purposes.