Smallest annunciatior

My pick for the smallest annunciator is the fire-lite rza-4xf

For me… Leader LD128EN(D)

What country is this

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Looks like China.

You can’t get much smaller than what fits on a single-gang plate in the US, but you can fit things like a Space Age zone annunciator on a single-gang plate!

Wow. I have never seen one of those

Chinese systems are, to some extent, similar to European ones while still having their own characteristics. Most Chinese annunciators only work as a display unit and you can neither silence the NA’s nor reset the FACP from an annunciator. For activation, tripping a single initiating device won’t sound the alarm - you need to activate two detectors to let the NA’s go off. Also, panels are required by law to be monitored 7x24 by fire safety attendants.

Just curious how much that annunciator would cost

20-30 dollars if I had to guess

So to activate an alarm you would need to find two pull stations?

It could be a dual stage alarm where first there’s a Supervisory if one device is tripped then full alarm if multiple is triggered.

Not restricted to pull stations (call points to be specific). Smokes and heats do the job too.
If no detectors are activated, you need to activate two call points to raise the alarm.
However if there’s a real fire and a smoke detector is already in alarm, pushing on a single call point will do the job.
Or, if the smoke triggers two detectors, alarms go off even if no call points are pressed.

What’s more, FACP’s in China are always located in a “fire prevention control room”, which is monitored by at least 2 AHJ-licensed fire safety attendants 7x24. The first tripped device won’t activate horn strobes but will kick the FACP into fire condition and raise the awareness of attendants. One of them will immediately investigate the cause of alarm either in person or via security cameras. If there’s an actual fire, he’ll push the nearest call point and the panel will start horn strobes, voice evac speakers and other safety measures.(lift return, HVAC emergency stop, utility power cutoff, fireproof door release, emergency exit unlock, smoke extractor fan activation etc.) If it’s a false alarm, the panel will be reset by another attendant and the relevant device will be planned to go under a maintenance or replacement procedure.

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Very interesting. I never knew that.

A fun fact is that all those knock-off, low-quality, non-UL(or EN)-compliant Chinese fire alarm parts which’re mostly seen on eBay or Amazon are NOT actually used in projects in China. They’re not up to Chinese fire safety code either. I don’t really know the target consumers of those poorly-made products (Maybe for less developed countries where fire alarm systems are currently a novelty instead of a norm?)

Gulf Security Tech, a.k.a. GST (Sounds similar to EST, but there’s no actual connections between’em), Jade Bird Fire and Tanda(aka TNA) are three fire alarm brands that’re most popular in China. There’re also some regional brands like Songjiang, Forsafe, EI Fire Tech etc. For imported brands of systems, EST, Esser and Notifier are typically used in transportation facilities like airports, high-speed railway terminals and subway stations. In large-scale theaters and conventional centers, you’re likely to see alarm systems made by Nohmi Bosai.

Here are some official sites for Chinese fire alarm system manufacturers:
GST: GST, One-Stop Fire Solution Provider
JBF: Jade Bird Europe
TNA: Commercial Wireless Fire Alarm Systems Manufacturers | Fire Alarm System - TNA Fire Alarm

Personally I would say these space age annunciators are the smallest. Robert posted a zone annunciator, but this is an actual one with a button.


Annunciator is baby.

The Silent Knight SK-RZA4 is also a really small annuciator. I believe it fits single gang boxes.

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