Smallest smoke detector?!-photoelectric/p1000

I found these at Lowes today and when seen in person, these detectors are VERY small. The thing could fit in the palm of a person’s hand and still have plenty of room.

They are pretty small, i just installed 15 of them in my cousins house. They do have a feature, when activated the code 3 alarm will sync with all other devices.

A disadvantage of them is that they are deep, which is ugly. Also, there is that ugly filter on the side, whereas traditional ones have an interior filter. Probably easier to clean, though.

I think that filter actually looks pretty nice. Though I do have to admit, if it is that small, the disadvantage must be that you must have to install a lot of them.

I don’t think you have to install more of them. It is the same technology in a different body. Actually, the smaller, probably the quicker the detector will detect smoke.