Smart-Sync Wiring Diagram/Manual (4905-9938)

Does anyone have a wiring diagram or manual for a Simplex smart-sync module (4905-9938)?

If not, does anyone know how to hook one up to a smart-sync TrueAlert? Thanks in advance.

It depends on what you are trying to do. Do you want to run both the horn/strobe to go off on silence, or do you want the strobe to continue flashing on silence. I just put one of those in earlier today

I’m sorry, I should have explained more. I’m a hobbyist, and I don’t have any Simplex FACPs. I’m just trying to make a TrueAlert go off, regardless of audible silence. Is it possible just to wire a 24-volt power supply to the sync module without a FACP?

Thanks for replying! :smiley:

Here’s the installation manual: (I thought it was on my site, but I apparently forgot to add it)

Wire the TrueAlert to NAC OUT. To sound both the horn and strobe on a SmartSync TrueAlert, apply 24VDC to the NAC IN and HORN CONTROL IN terminals. Removing power from the HORN CONTROL IN terminals will silence the horn.

I probably wouldn’t have found that out.

Thanks, Destin! :mrgreen: