SMK-6/M2 - Found in Recently Purchased Home

Recently moved into a 1970s home and while cleaning and updating different things. This fire alarm was in one of the hallways. I looked online and couldn’t find anything about the specific model number, but did find the M1 and know this might even be original to the house.

I posted about it on the Fire Alarm Help board and someone there suggested posting on here to see if anyone would be interested in it. I’m not a collector, so any nostalgia surrounding it is unfortunately lost on me, but I can appreciate that other people might enjoy having it rather than me just disposing of it.

Pictures of the alarm below:

That’s a fairly rare detector & I’m glad you came here when it comes to what to do with it: I’m sure someone would like to have it (certainly better than just throwing it out: that’d be a waste).

Just a note: you could have put all three photos in your initial post.