Smoke alarm moments

This is a thread where you can post anything about your most memorable smoke alarm moments. From rare smoke alarms to crazy things that triggered a smoke alarm, you can post it here. I decided to post this thread because the smoke alarms in my house triggered due to shower steam. They are 20 years old so it surprises me that they still detect smoke and similar gases.

P.s: Before you say “You need to replace them right away.”, my family has been very busy so we haven’t been able to look at new alarms.

Funny you should make this topic: just the other day the smoke alarms in our house went off for an unknown reason (I have a suspicion it may have been due to lack of cleaning, but my mom thinks it might have something to do with a power outage that occurred in nearby areas that night). As a precaution yesterday I took each of them down one by one, blew the ever-living crap out of them with an air compressor, & then put them back up. Funnily enough when I tried doing this with a compressed air duster can to the unit that initially alarmed it went off again!

I’d recommend dual-sensor alarms as the replacements, such as BRK/First Alert’s 3120B: they offer you the best possible protection from any kind of fire.