Smoke Detector ID

Can anyone ID this smoke? I know I have seen these before, but I can’t remember the manufacturer or model:

The base

My attempt at a drawing

Sorry for the blurry pics, but that’s all I have.

I’ve seen one of those before on Dan M.'s website, for the Arts and Sciences Building at UAlbany, in the basement:

It could be part of a fire suppression system, as there was a “HALON SYSTEM” panel of some sort nearby and the Wheelock 7002 next to it is possibly a fire suppression release alarm (the Wheelock E60 speaker/strobe next to it goes to the Simplex voice-evac system the building had installed in 2001, though the rest of the building has 4903 speaker/strobes). That smoke detector COULD be part of the Simplex system, but I’m pretty doubtful they left it active and as a zoned device of some sort on a completely new, addressable system.

Actually, that’s an E90. Anyway, it seems to be an old CP smoke…