smoke detector required above the panel?

Is a smoke detector required above the FACP? I’ve been to many places that don’t have a smoke detector above the panel.

Most alarm panel manuals will recommend or require a smoke detector to be installed in the same room as the FACP, so that a fire doesn’t start there and destroy the system before it can be activated by another device.

Yes, this is required by code.

A smoke detector is required above the FACP by code.

This doesn’t apply to annunciators.

[laziness]Don’t wanna find the code, but i will…[/laziness]

This is out of 2007 edition, it may be slightly different…

4.4.5* Protection of Fire Alarm System. In areas that are not

continuously occupied, automatic smoke detection shall be provided at the

location of each fire alarm control unit(s), notification appliance circuit

power extenders, and supervising station transmitting equipment to

provide notification of fire at that location.

Exception No. 1: Where ambient conditions prohibit installation of

automatic smoke detection, automatic heat detection shall be permitted.

Exception No. 2: Fully sprinklered buildings shall not require protection in

accordance with 4.4.5.

Note, i am not a Tech, just someone with access to NFPA 72 2007

My local Walmart has no smoke detector above the panel, nor does the Target in my area.

That’s because they are fully sprinklered.