Smoke Detectors in Public Restrooms

I don’t remember a topic like this, but I am curious… has anyone ever seen a smoke detector for the building’s fire alarm system in a public restroom? The other day, I was at Kohls with a friend when I had to use the restroom. When I got situated in the stall, I noticed on the ceiling by the stall I was in that there was a smoke detector in the restroom. I have never seen that, but I am guessing that the store has had an issue with someone starting a fire in there or maybe to curb smoking.

Just to note… the detector was a MIX-2251b smoke detector. I know from work that these do not have a sounder in them. Also, I noticed a Wheelock RSS on the wall when I was leaving the restroom.

Yes I have

Very descriptive post!

I once saw a heat detector in a bathroom. Does that count?

Yes I have seen it in a few buildings.

Yes that does! Ive seen a few too, but ive also seen both heat and smokes in a restroom together!

Fine, I saw one at Macy’s it was a simplex truealarm smoke dect.

My school had Simplex smoke detectors in most of the bathrooms. And yes, they come in handy when some jerk sets a trash can on fire in the bathroom.

I kind of thought it would be so that if someone started a fire in a trashcan that the store would know quickly.

I have always seen signaling devices and sprinklers in a restroom, just never a smoke detector. I have been in that restroom many times before and never noticed the smoke detector, but I would assume that I didn’t notice it because I was always in and out in under 2 minutes and never had to go to use a stall.

If sprinklers are used, smoke detectors are often not required, as the sprinkler takes place of the smoke detector in terms of detection.

Yes, my middle school had them. I have not been in my high school’s restrooms yet, so I’m not sure. There is probably not smoke detectors, because someone set the paper towels in the paper towel dispenser on fire. A detector would have been handy then. You could smell it from down the hallway.

Yes, I guess so!

Earlier, I noticed a heat in a newly built store’s men’s room. Above the sinks. I am guessing that it is now code in my area? I’ll be looking into that out of curiosity.

Yes, correct. It depends on a few variables such as building type, use, occupancy type etc. More often than not you will see both. Keep in mind that in many cases the HVAC system also has many points of detection you can not even see as well.