Smoke/Heat Detector Collection

Here’s a picture of my various smoke and heat detectors that I have been collecting. These include a mix of conventional and addressable detectors, with varying degrees of detection principles and thresholds.

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That’s really cool, I am jealous of all the Notifier devices. Do you have a list of all the model numbers?

Starting from the top, going left to right…

FireLite SD355 (on System Sensor B210LP)
Silent Knight SK-HEAT-ROR (on System Sensor B200S)
FireLite SD355 (on System Sensor B200S)
FireLite SD365-IV (on System Sensor B300-6)
System Sensor CO1224TR
Edwards 281A [on top of boxed items]
System Sensor 5601P [in a box]
Honeywell 5193SD [in a box]
System Sensor 2412TH
Simplex 4098-9757 (on 4098-9788)
System Sensor 1400
Simplex 4098-9601 (on 4098-9788)
Notifier FSP-751T
Simplex 2098-9603 (on 2098-9525)
System Sensor 2451 (on B401B)
Notifier CPX551 (on ADB-P)
Simplex 2098-9201 (on 2098-9211)
System Sensor 2W-B
Simplex 4098-9613 (on 4098-9788)
Notifier SDX551 (on System Sensor BX501)
EST EC30U-3 (on CSBU-1)
Edwards 1220B
Notifier FDX551 (on System Sensor BX501)
System Sensor 2400
Chemetronics 601
Simplex 4098-9714 (on 4098-9792)
Notifier FSP-851 (on System Sensor B210LP)
System Sensor 2112/24R
FireLite SD355 (on System Sensor B501)
Gamewell/FCI ASD-P (on System Sensor B210LP)
System Sensor 2400TH
System Sensor 2WTA-B
Simplex 4098-9733 (on 4098-9792)
Simplex 2098-9757
Simplex 2098-9209
The 4 identical detectors on the right are all Pyrotronics DI-4s on DB-4 bases.

The Pyrotronics DI-4s are quite neat. We don’t hear about those detectors very often. I’m particularly fond of their design, as I find that it still looks fresh today (it reminds me of System Sensor’s current line of addressable detectors); it certainly stands out among other smoke detectors from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Yeah, the DI-4s are pretty interesting for some older detectors. They have adjustable sensitivity levels via a dial on the head; find that pretty neat. These work pretty well based on my tests too. These should complement my System 3 demo setup nicely!