Snow: What Do You Think of It?

Do You Like Snow?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends
  • I have never actually dealt with snow
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I was wondering what the overall opinion from users on the board about snow was, since, after reading some posts in the Weather Woes topic, it appears that some people don’t like it, and I was curious to see how many people felt the same way. I personally don’t mind the snow at all - it’s a nice change from the blue and sunny skies that we usually have.

I think it depends. I don’t mind it, I just hate shoveling and cleaning up after it, and it makes it a pain in the ass to drive.

However, it is nice to look at.

It would depend on how much snow and other weather factors like temperature and wind. I personally do not care for snow and would rather have sunny days instead.

It depends for me too. Because of the warmth of this “winter”, I’m excited to see it whenever it happens, but last winter, I couldn’t wait until the season was done with because we had so much snow and ice. One big storm per season is enough for me, but last year we got pounded with storm after storm and the roofs of people’s houses were collapsing because of the enormus weight of the snow and ice.

It depends. I love snow when I have nowhere to go; it can be very pretty and relaxing. However, I dislike it when I have to drive in it. My car is small and doesn’t handle very well in the snow. It also doesn’t help that my driveway is a hill.

I have mixed opinions on snow:

Very pretty after a fresh snowfall. Lots of fun to play with–sledding, etc. I used to build snow forts, tunnels, and igloos when I was a kid. It’s also a nice element for photography.

Heavy, wet, cold, and when it rains, turns to ice. Makes it hard to push shopping carts.