So, I have to write this research paper about careers...and I thought I'd write about something alarm related...ideas?

So, the great time of the school year has come where I have to write an insanely boring research paper. Hopefully it won’t be as hard this year since I take journalism and have to interview people all the time…and I thought I’d do something alarm related, because, why not?

But anyways, our topic is as follows (I’m just gonna paste the guidelines up here for those giving me ideas…)

There’s obviously tons of places to go with this…but what I hate about this english class is they limit so many of your options because they’re not ‘scholarly’ enough…now that’s kind of debatable, but whatever. At least they didn’t not permit internet sources in their entirety.

The limits on sources are: (here we go again)

So, what websites do you all recommend I use? I’m gonna use my state resources but not real sure how I can use alarm manufacturers/companies because they’re not ‘sources’…I’m gonna try and debate that out with my english teacher and see what he says.

I can use NFPA, because that’s a .org, but what would I write about? Code fragments?!

And how in the world would I do this ‘interview’? It’s not like if I call someplace like SimplexGrinnell and talk to someone in the field that they’re gonna say yes…even if my school district has a 45 year history with them anyways. And something I learned in my journalism class is when you contact a professional out in the field (and something my english teacher was wrong about), is that you NEVER, EVER state that you’re a high school student…why? Because school matters are considered unimportant to professionals and they never get back to you, because honestly, it’s really not their issue to deal with in the first place.

With all that being said, anyone got any ideas where I even should begin? I don’t want to do a boring topic, because that just makes the whole assignment boring; and I’m gonna be working on this for at least the next month or so.

Thanks everyone!

Are email interviews permitted? Perhaps you could kindly ask members of our Fire Alarm Technicians group for an interview.

You could use a news article regarding a fire alarm outage at a school. These appear online all the time, and demonstrate the importance of the career field due to the drastic measures (classes cancelled, fire watch, etc.) that must be taken in the absence of these systems.

Here’s an example I just swiped from Google - <LINK_TEXT text=“ … rm-debacle”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks! It’s not time for interviews just yet; but when my class gets to the sources part of the project I’ll make a posting on here. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Sources are due Monday now, interviews included. I need an interview as soon as possible, and my teacher has approved email interviews. Any technician interested in an interview send me a PM; as I need to do it through my school email account. I’m getting questions ready now, so just let me know. Thanks for your help!

NOTE: I am unavailable from 7:00 AM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT (Monday-Friday; this Friday exempt because of Good Friday I do not have school). I am available all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sources are due by Monday, April 17, 2017. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: My teacher has just announced that email interviews aren’t allowed; but over the phone interviews are. So, if you’re interested or comfortable in answering my questions over the phone, please send me a PM. I have to have this done by Monday, April 13th (next Monday) so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Whoops, meant the 17th is next Monday. I don’t know what I was thinking, although I was trying to type this post and do my math homework at the same time.