So I made a parody of that "Seymour Smoke" video..

Self explanatory. This contains just about every bad word in the book, just a heads up.


Vulgar Content. Topic locked till further actions.

I’ll allow it as long as there is a warning, which I added.

There’s more to being a moderator than locking, locking, and locking! :roll:

As for language and the OP, anyone who can’t handle expletives shouldn’t be on the internet. :wink:

Green, I do more then “Locking, locking, locking…locking, locking!”

Also, for your quote “anyone who can’t handle expletives shouldn’t be on the internet.” MANY Minors these days browse the internet… FYI…

Many of those minors also have quite the potty mouths themselves.

My 9 year old brother also watches videos with TONS of cuss words and my dad is totally fine with it.
It’s really up to the parents to judge what their kids should watch online, IMO.

So true, just goto the avg. middle school

Or my high school, which happens to sometimes sound like an X-rated movie with the way many students talk!

But anyways, pretty funny video! But I still can’t help but think of Iago the parrot when I hear Seymour Smoke (that was probably where I first heard Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.)