So I went on vacation to North Caroline and when I came back, THIS happened

I did have a very wonderful vacation though I do admit it was kind of jarring seeing how many differences the south had than the north, but it was fun. Even if my sister and her boyfriend didn’t really want to spend much time with us because he only gets out of bed at noon and hates being woken up earlier than needed to. I was hoping my sister would come down to see us but she said that she didn’t have that much money. Then after that we met up with my distant cousin and my grandaunt who seem to be in some sort of weird relationship. We went to go see the fireworks and the whole thing was nice. It was after I came home that things started going a bit downhill.

The Saturday that I came back my computer screen gave out and would only show stripes on the display and then eventually the display inside broke so I got some black splotches on the screen and had to get a new one. Nothing too serious and I ordered a new computer that came in on Wednesday. All was fine or so I thought until I started getting pain in the middle of my stomach.

Monday I woke up and the pain went from the middle of my stomach to my right hand side and I thought I just had a stomach ache but the pain wouldn’t go away even after I tried and it became more severer until I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the hospital. Turns out, I had Appendicitis! Fabulous! Something I always wanted! So I was admitted.

Then on Tuesday when they scheduled the surgery (in the meantime I got some pretty heavy duty pain medication that left me out of it most of the time), I started getting a fever so they were worried they wouldn’t be able to do the surgery. Luckily a round of antibiotics lowered my fever down just enough so I could go get my appendix removed.

Wednesday they kept me in for observation and as it turns out, the anesthesia made me sick as possible and I kept throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down. It lasted until 7:30 at night. Thank GOD it finally went away. At that point I think I would have preferred to walk around with my appendix exploded inside me.

Thursday was dedicated to me just sleep and recovering after they discharged me from the hospital so I didn’t really do much of anything yesterday and was in bed all day and was so glad I was starting to feel better. Aside from vomiting a few times it was alright.

Now it is Friday and despite being a bit sore, I feel like my old self and am happy to finally be able to be a bit more active. Its over now or so I hope and I’m not gonna worry if anything else ends up coming up. Just thankful things can finally start getting back to normal. I have a nice scar but that will heal and I’m not really nervous about that.

So sorry for me being off the grid a little longer than anticipated. I didn’t plan to have Appendicitis and need to have surgery to recover from it. But I am back and I’m ready to start interacting with people again. I hope that everybody had a nice break from me not being around. But I’m ready to begin making my presence known again.

You really know how to have fun! :wink:

Glad you are feeling better.