So much snow! D:

As any of my fellow East Coasters know, we’ve been hit with a very snowy winter. There’s been about one snowstorm a week. Thankfully my boss is really great about letting us work from home, but I’ve still had to do some snow driving and it sucks. That polar vortex thing sucked too. I like my temperatures to stay in the positives thank you very much. Can it be spring yet?

there’s too much snow in colorado! why won’t it melt!?

How ironic… I’m from the Providence area, and we’ve gotten LOTS of snow that hasn’t melted AT ALL. However, I happen to be in the warm, sunny Southern US at the time of this posting. HAHAHA!! :twisted:

It’s so funny observing these Georgia-esque people dealing with a dusting of snow. State of emergency! :lol: