Software for 4100 Programing

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: I don’t know if anyone remembers but, I posted in a earlier topic that my school was getting ride of their fire alarm panel and some alarms. I got the 4100 and I need the programming software for it. Could anyone send me a link to it or better yet pm me it?



PM sent. The 4100 programmer only runs in a DOS command line and connects to the panel over RS-232 or a PROM burner (4100 classic). Remember that you’ll also need a Simplex dongle key.

In the end, the panel is a doorstop since you can’t program it for your own specific needs.

That’s Simplex proprietaryness.

Remember that my dads a tech, he has the dongle key he just didn’t have the software because it’s older then what he usually deals with. But thanks again Destin! :slight_smile:

So you will have 2 4100?

If your dad is a Simplex or other authorized tech and has a software key, he should also be able to log in to the Tech Support web page and download the programmer you need.

One is at my dad’s work and one is at home. He only said I can’t have that panel back he never said another 4100. :stuck_out_tongue:

This topics is old and I have gotten what I needed long ago… Lock please?

We didn’t even remember this topic existed until you bumped it…

I also need the software. Could someone pm me a download link?

The Simplex programming software for the 4100 series panels is not meant to be distributed outside of the company. It would be a violation of intellectual property law for us to allow copies of it to be shared on these forums, therefore I am locking this topic. It has been said ad nauseam that these panels, especially the 4100ES, are major life safety investments and are not friendly to the hobbyist collectors. The programming software is only meant to be used by Simplex technicians and is not freely downloadable. Additionally, this topic is now six years old and should no longer be bumped.

Can i get ES4100 software?