Solution to this problem please,

_Incorrect Custom Phrase Count , DMC.
(The number of phrase counts in the DMC-1 does not agree with the number of phrase counts in the CSG-M)

Did you download to that panel recently? I’m pretty sure that means the phrase library in CSGM doesn’t match the phrase library in one of the DMC chips (it’s been a while).

There should be a chip on the DMC that says which phrase library it has (DMC00001 or DMC00003). That has to match CSGM.

Link to photo below:

I really don’t know if there has been downloaded for panel, but the reason may be that I have many troubles in the system, which I hope for help with,
I have an FP sensor that gives these two troubles (Incorrect Device ID , Device Multiple Response). Try changing the sensor, but without any solution. I tried cleaning the base to no avail. I changed the sensor type to FPT, but without any significant results.

On the same loop, I have an ICP-B6 device that gives this trouble(Input Dev. Response Too Low), and I also have a missing TRI-R device that gives this trouble (Input Device Not Responding)

from catalog

Device Multiple Response : Tow or more analog devices at the same address have reported during normal supervision.

Incorrect Device ID : An analog device whose type or usage does not agree with the CSG-M assing-ment at the address.

Input Dev. Response Too Low: Input wiring to TRI , ICP-B6 , and CZM-1B6 modules has an open circuit or no EOL. Loss of power to ICP-B6 or CZM-1B6 modules. Smoke detector chamber defective.

The FP-11 is a smoke, the FPT is a heat. There was a bug where those FP devices would give two troubles if not responding. Since you say incorrect ID & multiple response, sounds like maybe the TRI that is not responding might be programmed as same address as smoke you have issues with or vice-versa.

ICP trouble sounds like a loose connection. That can be setup for multiple uses but is primarily a NAC circuit. The 24V ICP connection should be connected to the power limited 24VDC output on the panel.

If someone replaced the DMC card with the newer chip version you can try putting the old DMC chip in if you still have it or have the program changed so the versions match. You may want to test it to make sure it’s playing messages.

I will try to check that as soon as possible, thanks a lot. I have another question, what is the difference between TRI S and TRI 60? Are they the same thing?

Same thing but the EOL value most likely is different. The older modules were the 60 series with a 3.6k EOL (they have a metal backplate for mounting to box). The newer all plastic modules use a 480 ohm EOL (pretty sure that’s what it is). If you get input device response too low then the EOL is most likely the wrong value.

I have a mini system no panel but it is not working when i pull the alarm. I live in a place with cold/hot temps. does this affect it. or do i need to get a new device. this is my 2nd device in the 2022 christmas break. what should i do. any ideas? also i use 2 9volt dc batteries. this works but now its not wokring.