SOLVED: ADT unimode 5ud help

ok some of you know i ordered a panel today and i have some questions so i dont break it as soon as i get it.:slight_smile:

1.i heard that you are to NOT press drill on the panel for a couple of days after power up they said it blowes up the panel is this true

2. when i get the panel how would i test it power it on right away or what

3. is the programing passcode the same on firelite panels or not don’t brake a rule and tell me the passcode

If i have more questions i will post them below.

  1. Never heard that. Drill mode is sometimes used to testing NA’s (right after installation). Where did you hear that? I pressed the drill button on my MS-9050UD after powering up, and it didn’t “blow up”. To be safe, I guess you just trip a zone.
  2. Yes, power it up, with a device connected to each circuit, then see what happens…
  3. I would assume, as it is the same product, just re-branded. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot and almost posted the code.

it was a youtube comment

On one of your videos?

No it was some one els I can’t Remember

Dose the panel is ps tool or some other software to program it

Yes, the MS-5UD has a USB cable connection to a Windows computer, where PS Tools can be downloaded and used for free.

  1. Totally false.
  2. Always connect the 120VAC power first, then batteries. You can power it up without batteries as well, but never start it up on batteries alone. It’s a good idea to unplug the panel when you’re wiring or changing devices, since Fire-Lite panels tend to be less tolerant to shorts than other fuse-based systems.

Ok what about ps tools since you Taught me how to use it will it work on ADt panels

1 quick question how do i wire my smoke dector the model # is 2112-24b by system sencor and its four wire how do i wire that to the panel?

Go to page 3 of these instructions, and study the diagram. This diagram is your best friend. It should come with the detector (unless the detector was taken out of service prior to being sold), make sure to keep it. If you don’t understand what the diagram means, I will be more than happy to explain it. :wink:

Yes, PS-TOOLS should work. You may need to upgrade the panel’s firmware with PPU Wizard if it isn’t up to date. Here is the download page - make sure to read all instructions, especially if you have to upgrade the firmware since it can brick your panel if it’s interrupted.

Ok I will look at that

Ok I’m having Trouble getting it to download right but I can ask my dad for help

it does not tell me how to wire the four wire smokes

yet another question how do you do the coustom message on the system normel screen

With the MS-9050UD, it is programming > system setup > banner. You go into programming by hitting the enter key, then selecting the programming option. Also, if this panel was used, make sure you have the pass codes, or that it is the default pass code.

I copied this from the installation instructions. Sorry, I meant to include the link in my other post.

I have that on the Detector manual but I need to know how to get the power from the panel to the detector

Look for the resettable power terminals on your control panel, it should be some of the ones on that orange terminal block on the left side of the motherboard, kind of towards the top. Using the control panel manual, locate which exact terminal is the positive, and which terminal is the negative for the resettable power. Terminal 3 should be the positive, and terminal 4 should be the negative.

Now, using that diagram that I uploaded in my previous post, follow the line that is labeled positive next to “POWER TO DETECTORS”. Run the positive resettable power wire (from terminal 3 on the panel) to the accompanying terminal on the detector (the 2nd terminal from the top in the diagram). Then, run the negative wire from the panel (terminal 4) to the accompanying terminal on the detector (the 4th terminal from the top in the diagram).

Hopefully this helps, that is the best I could do for now. Make sure to double check the correct terminals in the manuals. Also, the resettable power is not supervised, so do not use a resistor at the end of the circuit.

Thank you! I connected it to the resetable power and it works great! You and everyone has been a big help!