SOLVED: System sensor specter alert classic power issues

Hi everyone I recently got a specter alert classic model P2475. And I really don’t want to hook it up to my simplex panel due to the work. I tried powering it with 27 volts and it did nothing but it’s rated for 20-30 volts. I then powered it with 2 6 volts and it made a small noise but I believe this means it was under powered. I’m lolling to. Get a transformer for it. I want a transformer that can do ac and dc. I’m not sure which brand or type I should get. Any help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


If it’s the one that I sent you, there needs to be wires connecting the Horn + Terminal to the Strobe + Terminal and the Horn - Terminal to the Strobe - Terminal, otherwise it won’t work.

Correct wiring (minus power input) on the left, incorrect on the right

Thanks! But where do I hooked the wire for the power input?

On the + and - terminals for either the horn or the strobe.

It worked!!

Video of me testing in code 3

By the way, transformers are AC only. They use induction, and that only works for AC. You could need a power supply to convert the AC from the transformer to DC.

I got it to work on 9 volts :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you confuse me on saying that “transformers are AC only” and other stuff (Sarcastically saying :wink: ). To restate what you said, transformers connect to AC power (The energy that comes out of your wall outlets), and TURNS IT into DC power. Now the power of DC a transformer converts depends on the transformer.

Transformers do not turn ac power into dc power. That’s what diodes/bridge rectifiers are for.
In a power supply, a transformer turns wall voltage (usually 120) into a suitable voltage for the specific use. Then, the bridge rectifier turns the AC supplied by the transformer to DC.

Ah, I get you. You are talking specifically on what a transformer is and a bridge rectifier and etc. Lol, I think we confused each other because first, I know what you’re talking about but for me instead of calling a power supply a “power supply” I call it a transformer and I got used to it not knowing W*F i’m talking about and stuff like this happen. I got to lay off the Optimums Prime now :lol: