Some Additions Of My Collection Over The Years

It’s been a while since I posted anything new, but I definitely still have been collecting. My collection, once 3 smoke alarms around 10 years ago, has now amassed to a few hundred devices and at least a dozen panels. I’m actually planning to move my collection to a storage facility temporarily, until I finally get a place of my own to display it all and make a ton of more vids (although hasn’t stopped me from trying to do some at the moment). Anyways, here is a few pictures of just some of the new additions of my collection.

A very old IBM 4246-2 fire panel! I bought this off of a guy who took it out of a very small community center far north of my city. I haven’t even tried to wire up the panel, as I honestly have no clue on what to do, but I tested both horns and they work well.

Just a pic of where some of my collection is at the moment, sitting in my basement.

Finally, I got a full Edwards 6500 with cabinet and everything! I was able to take this off a job site at a building we service (replaced by another company). I asked the manager for it and he was like ‘sure go ahead, now I don’t gotta lug the thing to the dumpster!’ Funny enough, I was the last technician to perform an annual on the old system. I cleaned it up a lot more after the pic was taken, it was very dirty!

A couple of Edwards 333-D bells I bought off of Ebay, as single stroke bells are my favourite, I grew up listening to these a lot.

I am absolutely jealous of that 6500. What an amazing find! I’m glad you were able to save that panel from the dumpster. It must weigh a ton, given the size of the cabinet.

I love the IBM panel and horns. I find it interesting that the tag on the horns reads “Toronto”; I have a Canadian IBM 4030 (double-projector model), but it has the standard “New York” tag. I was also wondering about the pull station from that system: is it a coded or non-coded model?

If you ever have the opportunity to take general photos of your collection shelves, I’d love to see them. It looks like you have some fantastic devices hiding in there.

Sorry for the late reply, but yes I was very lucky indeed. Had I not had that service call that day, that panel would have been trashed. It’s definitely a heavy cabinet, but the whole thing comes in 4 parts which is nice (backbox, actual panel on a metal mount that actually slides out the panel, the big metal cover with the zones and writing, and then the door itself).

I’m surprised, most, if not, all IBM devices I see usually have the Toronto, ON tag on it. The pull station is non-coded, which I was surprised cause its very big. Also I will post them here below this post.

I will mention, this definitely won’t be the final way my collection is displayed. As we have everything downstairs right now while we renovate the house bit by bit, my collection is everywhere. My main goal is to get it all into a storage unit soon, so I can re-organize, and reduce my collection, IE getting rid of duplicates or devices I no longer want.

I also need a storage unit, as I also have my other personal project of saving old alarms from defunct or old buildings. So far I have 1 building I can most likely preserve everything, and I am eying a few others in my city, like a couple old psychiatric hospitals with some very rare Edwards systems left behind, and some old schools, and even a factory behind my house, which I found out had a 6500 in it.

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  1. Items I got from work but have nowhere to place at the moment lol.

  2. Some Edwards panel strips, and some old heat detectors.

  3. My main alarm shelf, this has most of the original items that started my collection.

  4. A bunch of FACPs, can you name any?

  5. A couple old FA-1000s pulled out of buildings for upgrades.

  6. A couple of 5520 Ds and various devices, one I got from a factory, the other from a warehouse.

  7. Just an assortment of items.

  8. This is my spare parts, or stuff I may end up selling, most from panel upgrades.

  9. Some more spare parts, and an emergency light.

  10. More items from my ‘original’ collection

  11. Same as above.

  12. The shelf behind my 6500.

  13. Top of the shelf, some more FACPs, a duct smoke, and others.

  14. The bottom of the shelf, a lot of those are old horns from a factory.