Some Creepy Television Logos

No one ever has time to think about the company that produces a specific television program. Some of these companies had interesting logos to identify themselves; some are colorful, others have pleasing music. However, we all seem to remember the creepy ones that came on before Zoom or whatever.

For those who have never seen any before, be thankful. Others who wish to take the risk:

Here’s one us from Massachusetts remember:

I know this is very geeky, but so what? No offense, but we’re all geeks.

First one was definitely the creepiest…

The first one is very creepy with the face at the end.

The rest of them are just typical '80s “cheeziness” when people were beginning to play with CGI and synthesizers.

I distinctly remember the WGBH Boston logo. There’s an abridged version with just the WGBH shining that had the ending of the show’s theme playing underneath, like on “Arthur” and “Between the Lions” (though on the former, that show now has a special “WGBH Kids” version of the logo.)

The Viacom one is rather eerie, with its seventies synth/tympani music and the obviously-chromakeyed “V” zooming in and nearly crashing into the screen.
Another big one is the Screen Gems logo from the mid-1960s:

Of course, many of those logos have become very hard to find on TV and DVD. Some companies like Paramount/CBS try to hide the old Viacom logos, usually replacing them with Paramount TV logos or CBS Television Distribution logos.
Even DiC Entertainment wasn’t immune, in fact they were famous for their classic “Kid in Bed” closing logo used from the late 1980s until the early 1990s:

I have this on a couple episodes on my “Inspector Gadget” DVD box set.