Some Fire Alarm Pics (2) (Warning, lots of images!)

I noticed my old topic has a 56k warning on it, so i decided to make a new topic. I have alot of FA pics, and my main goal is to make my own fire alarm website, add all the FA pictures I ever took on it, so it will be easier for anyone to look at them. But for now, I will try to reduce the number of photos I post, and maybe make them a smaller size.

Anyways, The next set are the last 2 schools I went to. The first one had its system replaced also.

-In the gym, One of the old bells, which is an old Edwards 10" Adaptabel, just like the ones at my school! I’ve never seen another school with a FA system like this besides mine. It was painted over though.

-The new smokes, some Simplex smokes.

-A Simplex 4251-20 under a stopper cover, and beside it, where an Edwards Annunciator used to be, and above it, where an Edwards 270-SPO used to be.

-A Simplex 4251-20 without a stopper cover.

-This one has a cover.

-A closeup of one of the pulls.

-An old Edwards annunciator case holding a new Simplex annunciator.

-A Simplex map of the schools zones.

-The fire hoses.

-Another Simplex 4251-20 with a stopper.

-The new alarms, Wheelock MTs, Which are ceiling mounted.

-In the changeroom, a Simplex smoke?

-Also in the changeroom, a Wheelock MT.

-One of the IBM bells, or whats left of it, in the changeroom. It’s also missing its striker.

-Here’s a similar sight that I see in my school; An Edwards 10" Adaptabel, an IBM 10" Bell, and A Wheelock Mt.

-I’m guessing there was an IBM bell on the left, and an Edwards bell on the right.

The last school, the previous school was destroyed by a tornado unfortunatley, but a new school was built.

-The FAs and pulls, Simplex Truealerts, and Simplex 4251-20s under stoppers.

-Heres a Simplex Truealert Horn.

-Outside, A loudspeaker, and An Edwards 10" Adaptabel behind a grille.

-Another Simplex Truealert.

Actually, a Simplex heat detector.

Those “4251-20s” are actually addressable Simplex 2099/4099 pulls, probably 4099-9001s.

You’d be correct. Those ARE 4099 pulls. How do I know? the Simplex hourglass logo is larger than the word “Simplex” on the 2099 series. On the 4099 series it’s the same size as the word “Simplex”.

I knew that too; the hourglass logo is the same size as the word “Simplex” on the current conventional 2099 pulls. I have seen a few places with a mix of the older addressable 2099 series (with larger Simplex logo) and the newer 4099 series.

Well the look in the little space under the bottom of the T-Bar. If you see the rim of a large white button, it’s a 4099. If you see a smaller button and a nut, it’s a 2099.

Yeah, that’s why I usually just call them"Simplex T-Bars" instead of putting the model numbers, not good with identifying alarm devices with the model number :stuck_out_tongue: But anyways, some more photos.

-Starting at another school in Hamilton, is an Edwards 270-SPO.

-Another Edwards pull, don’t know the model number to this one.

-The FAs to the school, Spectralert Advances. This system looks like it was just recently replaced, I’m guessing there was Edwards flush-mount adaptahorns before.

-A Notifier annunciator panel.

-A newer Edwards 270-SPO.

-An Edwards “doorknob” smoke detector.

-This was taken at the elementary school across the other school. These horns were installed around the school, have no clue what horns these are.

-These next two were taken at a mall in Sault Ste Marie, the first is an Edwards 6" adaptabel, the other is an Edwards 10" adaptabel.

-These two were taken at a small office building. The first is an “EPE” 6" bell? and the other is an Edwards annunciator, and under it, an Edwards 270-SPO.

-The last 3 pics, from a hotel in Ottawa. This looks like a 2 stage setup. There is a speaker, an Edwards 6" adaptabel behind a grille, and an Edwards 270-GAO, which I have 2 of in my collection.

Some more pics, the last for awhile. These ones are from the last tournament I went to for my sister, taken in Sault Ste. Marie.

-The first school, starting with a covered Edwards heat in the washroom.

-The FAs, Edwards 4" Adaptabels.

-The pulls, Bilingual Edwards 270s. The first one has whiteout on it.

-An EST annunciator.

-An Edwards Adaptabel, and an Edwards smoke.

-Saw these hanging around the school as well, they look like they are class change bells. Never seen Edwards Adaptahorns used for that, except at my elementary school.

-The next school, which was a little newer, had these for their FAs , Edwards Genisis speaker/strobes.

-An EST smoke detector.

-The pulls, Edwards 270-SPOs with stopper covers, again these ones are bilingual.

-I believe this is a siren.

-Not FA related, but one of the clocks that are installed throughout the hallways.

-The last school now, starting with this Edwards heat.

-I found this interesting horn outside of the school, have no idea what horn this is.

-You can see an Edwards annunciator in the left corner.

-A couple of Edwards 10" Adaptabels outside the school, looks like they’ve seen better days.

-Inside the school now, An Edwards 6" Adaptabel hooked up to some box. Looks like something else used to be there before.

-Here is one of the FA setups, an Edwards 270-SPO under an Edwards Adaptahorn. It looks like there was another alarm there before the Adaptahorn.

-Kind of a blurry picture, but an Edwards Genisis just down the hallway from the Edwards Adaptahorn.

-Here’s the speakers in the hallway, pretty old.

-An Edwards Integrity in the changeroom.

-Right near that on the ceiling, an Edwards heat detector.

That is an Edwards B-8526 / B-N-8546 Series (either DC or AC) horn. It is basically an updated version of the Simplex 4030.

That’s like the electromechanical and electronic Simplex rectangular horn/strobes. At least on mine, the electromechanical horn’s Simplex logo is larger than the word “Simplex,” and on the electronic horn, it’s the same size.

That’s not always the case. I have seen electronic 4903 horn/strobes with the larger “S” logo:

This is a 4903-9236 horn/strobe which was installed in the boiler room at my old K-8 school in 1998, presumably replacing one of the old 4051+4050-80 horn/lights.
There was never an electromechanical 4903 horn/strobe with the newer version of the Simplex logos. The last few of the “original” electronic 4903 horn/strobes had the newer logo, along with the newer ones that use the TrueAlert sounder. I have also seen 4903 speaker/strobes with both versions of that Simplex logo (most notably at the hospital I worked at.)

That’s why I was sure to say at least mine do. :wink: I figured that that probably wasn’t always true, but thought it would be interesting to point out. And what do you mean by the “original” electronic horn/strobes?

The “originals” were like the -9236 and had a louder, screechier sound. The ones made after 2000-2001 simply use the TrueAlert sounder.

Well, some more pics that I haven’t gotten the chance to upload in awhile. First, we’ll start off with some more pics from my school.

-Looking through old yearbooks, I found some pictures with the alarms in the background, and learned that the fire alarms at my high school are all original. I doubt the panel ( An Edwards 6500) is not the original one, it would probably be the second one installed. My school has 42 fire bells total, and about 20 of them are original (installed in 1963). I’m surprised these bells still work strong after 50 years of service, and fire drills.

-This is from behind the chapel in my school. It used to be an all boys seminary, and we do have a rather large chapel, about the size of a small church. Behind the chapel is where the priests used to live. Pictured here is the hallway in between the 2 rooms, where the exit is. There is an Edwards Adaptabel and an Edwards 270-SPO. These alarms seem to be the ‘more in shape’ alarms, as they are in a spot that is rarely occupied. Also pictured, a fire hose.

-From the cafeteria in my school, there is another picture of an Edwards Adaptabel and an Edwards 270-SPO under each other, a more common sight in the original part of the building. The other alarm pictured is the other bell in the cafeteria, which is a Newer Edwards Adaptabel.

-This is the library of my school, and in here there is one Edwards 270-SPO, A newer Edwards adaptabel, and one of the older ones as well. Here is a video of one of the fire drills we had, where I was in the library at the time it happened. Also there is an Edwards smoke pictured.

-The first picture is of a lone pull in one of the mechanical rooms in the school. The next 4 are from an auto shop in my school (which was used as a religion class one year). This class is not used often, mostly for storage. The main auto shop has that Edwards 270-SPO pictured. The other one is the only place in the school where you’ll be able to find those Mirtone pulls. That auto shop also has an Edwards 10" Adaptabel.

-This next set of pics were taken at a local church. The system consists of Edwards 10" Adaptabels, Edwards 270-SPO pulls, and the panel, an EST 6616 (i think).

-From a hotel in Toronto I stayed at, a voice evacuation fire alarm system. This consists of System Sensor speakers and Simplex lifealarm speakers, Simplex T-Bars, Simplex smokes, and I would say a big FA panel.

-From a school in my city, a Simplex system, with Simplex -9838s and Simplex T-Bars. Also pictured is the former bell system, and a fire hose.

-From a restaurant in my city, a newer system, with what I think to be those newer Mircom horn/strobes, and a smoke detector.

-This was taken at a newer french immersion high school that was just built in my city, which seems to have a Mircom system. There is ceiling mount horn/strobes in the halls, and in the gym, there is these wall mount horn/strobes.

-Here, from the college in my city, there is a Ceiling mount horn/strobe which is wall mounted, a Honeywell dual action pull station, and a smoke detector.

-Lastly, this is the FA system at my work! The alarms are a variety of bells, The main lobby has an Edwards 10" adaptabel, one side of the restaurant has an Edwards 6" adaptabel, The other side has 2 6" Mircom bells, as well as the staff room has a Mircom 6" Bell. The pulls also vary. There is 2 Notifier pulls, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room, 2 Mirtone 73303 pulls, one in the staff room and one in the lobby, and an Edwards 270-SPO. The main panel is a Mircom FA-1025T. The system does code 3, which does sound a little fast. I have gotten to silence and reset the system, after we had a kid accidently pull the alarm in the lobby.

Latly, my fire alarm collection so far. There is only a few stuff not pictured, which I had gotten after I took this pick. Those are 2 EST Genesis horn/strobes (red with FIRE on them), a red Edwards Adaptahorn, and a Simplex heat detector.

My elemantary school has one of those and i don’t think it does anything because it used to sound when the dismissal or other bells rang but i was there yesterday eating until 2:55 for the dismissal bells to ring and nothing happened. I got kinda emotional remembering when it would scare us!

Very cool pictures! I’m pretty jealous of your collection; that Edwards pull station at the far left (274-series?) and older grey six inch “Fire Bell” really caught my eye. Always nice to see someone else who collects Canadian-spec. devices.

Thank you! Since I do live in Canada, I collect tons of Edwards devices :p. Oh you mean the Edwards 274-111? That is a cool and interesting pull! The gray bell I was able to get from a school, which had upgraded their system years ago, but had some remains of their old system still intact. I will have to post some videos showing my collection off in detail more!