Some Mini Horns

System Sensor PA400R


Potter/Amseco HP-24TW


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Awesome! Always wanted to know what those Amseco/Potter units sounded like. I figured they’d have the GX-90 - style sound. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the only one of us that has that particular model.

I miss the PA400 style mini-horns. I’m sad System Sensor discontinued them. They just had that unique look and they sounded more like a traditional smoke detector in the 4/6(?) pattern. But anyways, good videos!

They do have a sound similar to the GX90 but it is a little bit lower pitched. Man these things SCREAM. Imagine a smoke detector on continuous and about 2-3 times as loud. And wow! I figured they would be pretty popular! I got a ton of these, GX93’s PA400r’s and others all for a dollar and free shipping on eBay

Those cost a dollar? On eBay?

Hahaha! :lol: You’re a funny guy.

First time hearing an amseco mini horn.

Actually yes they did! They were a lot of the horns

was a first for me too

I still have three or four PA400s, three white and one red. they’re a great choice for a low-current security system sounder. One is still installed in my hallway ceiling, but the wiring was abandoned at my Vista-20P panel when I added the Wave2 siren.

I really like the look of this alarm with the strobe attached to it:

It almost looks like a remote strobe i like the look to.

That remote strobe has an old timey font.

Yes they look great! I’m keeping an eye on ebay for the add on strobe

I never knew that Amseco made mini-horns until now. They look nice.