SomeDudeWithAnExitSign’s small collection as of 5/9/21

Here’s my collection.
Edwards 270A-SPO

Simplex 4904-9176 (missing terminal)

Notifier NBG12LX

System Sensor P1224MCW (got in a lot)

System Sensor 2151 (got it in the same lot as the classic) (base not shown)

Gentex GEH24-W

Simplex 4903-9101 with 2901-9838 (I got them separately)

Simplex 4006 (no cabinet)

Wheelock LSTR

That’s my collection

Here’s some wish list devicess that I want to own before quitting.
Simplex 4903-9221
Wheelock 7002T
Notifier BNG1R (older one)
System Sensor 1400
Simplex T-bar
Simplex Truealert

I hopefully you enjoyed my collection despite being small.


Great stuff! Big fan of the 9101!

I got a 4903-9221.

I liked the the Simplex 4903-9221 that you have!

Thanks. The school were my dad works at had them but replaced them in 2013 with Spectralert Advances (P2Rs and SRs). There a good collector item.emphasized text

@Dr.Exquisite Where did you get the Simplex 4093-9221 and do you do system tests?

I think the Spectralert devices are popular right now. :smiley:

I got it on ebay for $30 from Simplex fire alarm guy. And yes I do system test. I did a system test with the 9221. System Test 5: *RARE* Simplex 4903-9221 #firealarmfriday - YouTube

Its seems you like the 9221s. I sure like em.

I want a Simplex 4903-9221 and 4903-9219!

I also really want a 4903-9219 horn!

Where can I get a Simplex 4903-9221?

The thing with the 9221s are there that rare. Your best bet is looking on eBay. It may take months (or even years) for another one to pop up. I got mine from a friend of mine who was getting rid of it. The 4903-9222s pop up occasionally but there $50. I guess you try to save a system that has 9221s but that’s very low. If you want one real bad you could get a Faraday 6220 horn mechanism and a white 4903 speaker strobe and cut the wires from the terminals on the strobe and put them on the strobe terminals. My 9221 at one point was my rarest device in my collection (only been beaten by my Wheelock EH-DL1-WM-VF-W ). If only my dad’s school replace the old system at the time I was collecting.

I found a 4903-9222 for sale, but not a 4903-9221, why do the 4903-9221’s have to be rare? I found a 4903-9219, but no surprise!

The explanation why 9221s being so rare is that White devices weren’t popular back in the 1990s because there wern’t as much people who cared about aesthesis back in the day. Also another thing is that White devices were usually reserved for fancy building like some university (I have seen a video of a 9221 in action that was in a university building before Seen right here Simplex 4903-9221 Conventional horn/strobe. - YouTube) or high end Hotels, Theaters and etc.
They were rarely ever installed in building like a school.
Also another factor of rareness is there age.
Despite being from the 1990s, These things are probably more rare then they were in the 1990s.
Some systems that had 9221s ended up being replaced by something newer (Take example my dad’s school. That place used to have 4903-9221s but they ended up getting replace with System Sensor Spectralert Advances (P2Rs and SRs) with a P2RL latter on replacing one failing P2R).
If you desperately want a 9221. I would recommended forking out $50 for a 9222 on ebay.

Do you have 2 Simplex 4903-9221s? Do you have a 4903-9222 and a 4903-9219? If you do have two Simplex 4903-9221s, I can get one!

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No. Not at all. I only have 3 4903s. I have the 4903-9101,4903-9403 and the 9221.

I saw your list and you wanted a Simplex T-bar. I would recommend a Simplex 2099-9754 pull station. The 2099-9754 is single-action. If you want a dual-action one, I would highly recommend a Simplex 2099-9756.

I want a 4903-9221 because they are rare, but I also want a 4903-9219, and a 4903-9222. Are the 4903-9222s rare? Yes? Or No?

Yes. The 9222s are arguably more rare then a 9221. There is one seller that has them but he doesn’t have them right now